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Muslim Uighurs under Religious Discrimination in China Essay

Muslim Uighurs under Religious Discrimination in China - Essay voiceAccording to the report findingsalongside clear efforts to improve indoctrination of religious leader and clerics, since 2001, Chineses politics have stepped up the suspicion and inspection of m any of mosques to the extent of sending people to supervise Uighurs mosques. Moreover, in 2001, the government inspected around 23,000 mosques in Xinjiang whereby, it ruled forty-one mosques as non-conforming to regulations of Xinjiang. That led to clashes between Muslims and Chinese legal philosophy who destroyed mosques intentionally. The Chinese authorities were careful not to appear as targeting Muslims specifically by end down their mosques. Since late 2001, authorities in Xinjiang imposed even more restrictions on mosques for example, they banned any new construction work on mosques in Xinjiang. According to media reports, an official of Hetian Nationalities and Religious Affairs means declared that about five peopl e had opposed the conversion of a mosque into a carpet factory by appealing to Beijing authorities when the project begun.As the paper declaresMuslims around the world extravagant during month of Ramadan until sunset. The harassment of Muslims in China often occurs during Ramadan month. The communist party members have discouraged Muslims from fastning during Ramadan, as they posit that it results in adverse health concerns for those who engage in the practice. A regional spokesperson Hou Hanmin, utter that the authorities encouraged people to eat properly for study and work however, she admitted they did not force them to eat.

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Market equilibrium Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Market equilibrium - Research Paper ExampleThe law of tote up suggests that if prices for commodities be high, therefore the supply of the commodity will rise. The supply will diminish if the prices go down. In this case, the price of the materials used for constructing houses will determine the supply. If the materials and land are at a low price, then more homes will be supplied (Salunke & Bagad, 2009). Taxes and subsidies will determine the quantities in the securities industry. If there are apprehensions of price increase, suppliers are likely to withhold the commodities (Salunke & Bagad, 2009).The market theory suggests the presence of succinct tuition in the market. This is an indication that the information on the stock is visible to all investors (Salunke & Bagad, 2009). With the homogeneous information on commodities, the price available is an expectation of all purchasers. This aspect is suitable in equilibrating the market because it prevents tentative trade (Tucker , 2011).If the price of homes in the market is greater than that of equilibrium, amounts availed into the market become larger than those in demand. In this case, a surplus arises and leads to reduction of prices. With the prices to a lower place stability, amounts availed into the market become lesser than those inquired. A shortage occurs and leads to rise in prices of the commodity (Salunke & Bagad, 2009).In roam to ensure equilibrium, buyers and sellers drop and set ahead the amounts of commodities and supplies to the extent of reaching stable prices where demand and supply are the same (Salunke & Bagad, 2009). If the demand for homes becomes too high, the supply increases and makes sellers reduce the prices. As the price drops, the supply diminishes and creates a need to raise prices. When the prices rise, demand reduces and supply increases. The process proceeds until there is market equilibrium (Tucker,

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Ten Critical Steps for Risk Managers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Ten Critical Steps for Risk Managers - Essay ExampleThe ten critical go that could be wantn by the put on the line passenger cars to prevent losses imputable to political seek in the country are explained as follows. Firstly, the risk manager should undertake a study of the Mexican merchandises and the situations of crisis that has been prevailing. The risk manager should undertake an analysis of the political risk in the market and monitor the volatility of the market in enounce to guess the implications of political risk. Secondly, the demands of the markets and the political interference should be studied in wander to prepare a plan for controlling the losses. Thirdly, the manager should engage with local public entities in nightclub to understand the market sentiments in Mexico. Fourthly, the risk manager should hold meetings with the labor unions in order to understand the demands and expectations of the workforce. Fifth, the risk manager should be flexible enough to d raw back up plans in consequence the primary plans fail to mitigate the risks. Sixth, the risk manager should take support from the management in order to engage with the political representatives and leaders in order to strike a deal to maintain unagitated operation of the business in conditions of turbulence. Seventh, the risk manager should propose the management to enter into strategic adhesion with local business houses. This step would be crucial in order to restrict the losses due to local and political interferences. Eighth, the risk manager should undertake strategies for political risk insurance of the business in order to cover the exposure as a result of political uncertainty. Ninth, the risk manager should ingest the returns in the study of risk. A higher and calculated risk could lead to attainment of higher returns for the risk manager. Thus the risk manager should undertake an analysis of the risk-return trade off. Lastly, the risk manager should be advanced(a) and prompt to react to the political risk exposures and then take necessary steps as on that point is no single tool for restricting the losses with the continuous change in the markets in a volatile situation. Recommendation steps to pop an import / export relationship In order to begin an import/ export relationship with Mexico, the following courses of action have been recommended. The recommended course of action not unless mitigates the risk but also help to resume international trade, imports and exports with the country. The engagement in to talks and relationships with the establishment of Mexico may be suggested in order to force a deal of mutual interest surrounded by the Mexican government and the trader. However, the relationship ties may weaken with the passage of time and the risk manager would exact to be flexible in order to restrict the losses due to political risk. The risk manager may enter into talks with the labor unions in order to negotiate terms for mai ntaining smooth trading operations of the business. However, political risk insurance may be recommended that would enable the risk manager to build assurance of the management due to which relationship of export and import could be started with the country (MIGA, 2011). The risk manager could take necessary actions of engaging into contracts with the local bodies, export credit agencies

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Bolsa Chica Wetlands Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Bolsa Chica Wetlands - Essay ExampleIt is assumed that the wetlands of Bolsa Chica provide shelter to a number of endangered species of flora and fauna. Recently the nature reserve of Bolsa China is also being employ as a offerist-spot for nature-lovers. Since it is an important stop on the Pacific flyway of migratory birds, outbound travelers practically grab the opportunity to come into the stuffy contact of natural sceneries of the marshlands of Bolsa Chica. Apart from Bolsa Chicas ecological importance, it has turn over a popular tourist spot, which provides the nature-lovers with a significant number of recreation activities such surf angle for perch, corbina, croaker, cabezon and sand shark, b be-handed fishing for atomic number 20 grunion, a species that only spawns on sandy grey California beaches, bird-watching, etc. To the north and the South of Bolsa Chica Nature Reserve, there are the Warner Avenue and Seapoint Avenue, whereas there are residential areas on on bo rder. Moreover, one can enjoy both the natural sceneries of Bolsa Chica and the oceanic beauty along the Pacific Coast Highway on the western border of Bolsa Chica. Though docent-led tour is available on the first, the second and the third Saturdays of each month, one can take a tour personal tour in these areas at any time of the year. The tours on the first Saturday and the third Saturday of each month are arranged by the Amigos de Bolsa Chica and the Bolsa Chica Land Trust from the South parking lots. Inbound nature-lovers can get a substantial knowledge about the areas weather, climate and geography from the Interpretive Center at Warner Ave. Bolsa Chica is endowed with some(prenominal) unique geographical features because of its more or less direct connection to the sea along its southern border. When we visited the area, the weather was somewhat cloudy. Though we guessed that it might rain, it did not happened finally. Before we reached there, we researched the weather status of Bolsa Chica by consulting the Bolsa track down pages online. We learnt that the Bolsa Chica area has a typical weather which is applicable to any coastal area along the equatorial of Cancer. A warm, dry Mediterranean climate,, as it is said in Bolsa Chica page on Weather.com, prevails over grey California - inland it is hot in the pass, mild in the winter ( indite for Bolsa pars. 3). August in Huntington is the warmest month, when the average temperature fluctuates between 900 F and 1050 F. In December, which is the coolest month, the average temperature oscillates from 200 F to 300 F. During the summer, frequent fogs prevail over the region and most of the precipitation comes as rain during the winter in December (Profile for Bolsa pars. 5). Since we visited Bolsa Chica at the end of July, the weather on our visiting day was neither foggy and nor rainy. Since Bolsa Chica stands very close to the coast of the Pacific, the local climate remains almost moderate without much d emarcation between the summer and the winters. Such moderate weather makes Bolsa Chicas weather and climate different from the overall climatic recitation of California. Bolsa Chica, having all the characteristics of a wetland, is a rich habitat of a wide range of flora and fauna. A wetland is, indeed, a natural home of different species of birds, animals and plants. The

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Criminal Justice (in general) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

deplorable Justice (in general) - Essay ExampleCriminal jutice i alway a goal. All involved in the arret, proecution, defene or judgment of a upect aim to be fair. However, thi goal i non alway met, accounting for the flexibility in the application of natural police force, the change to law that be unfair, and the judiciary power of interpretation. (Banner, 99-111)A a field of tudy, mot who will work with part of the law that involve behavior defined a nefarious, will tudy criminal jutice. Training and certification for police officer much i merely called criminal jutice. Lawyer with a pecial interet in either the proecution or defene of upected criminal may alo chooe to major(ip) in criminal jutice in a four-year degree program. Knowledge of the law, right and exclusive right of victim and upect i eential to aiming for jutice in both the court and law enforcement ytem.Thoe who have interet in training with the FBI or CIA may alo chooe to obtain a four-year degree in crimin al jutice. uch a degree not nevertheless tudie the law a it tand, but a well evaluate the law. ubject in univeritie that offer a major in criminal jutice may be varied. They may include topic like forenic pychology, hitory of criminal jutice, ethic, and ociology. guard officer train pecifically on what power they have in relationhip to a upect, and what power they do not have. They learn how to legally adminiter criminal jutice in their capacity a law enforcement. They further train in the meaure of force, uch a hooting a gun or employing pepper pray that may be lawfully ued, and mut be ued with capability. A certain kill et in the apprehenion of an ecaping criminal i required. Mot hoping to work in law enforcement firt tudy criminal jutice and then attend pecial academie to receive further training. (Delfino and Mary, 88-334)Depite training, criminal jutice i not alway jut. on that point atomic number 18 great cop and terrible one, judge who are too trict, and thoe who are too lenient. There are alo very killed and exceptional lawyer, and very poorly organized lawyer. Many argue, in particular, that law in the U eem to be particularly unjut to minority population, ince they frequently have little money to pend on top lawyer.There are numerou example to cite of the mifiring of criminal jutice. There i alway room for improvement in thi field. very many people continue to work toward the goal of true criminal jutice while continuing to exemplify fairne in thi field and it application.Eay TwoThe crie of innocent victim who are convicted and thrown into the dark cavernou prion cell are not being heeded. They cannot afford the type of lawyer needed that will fight to prove their innocence. The American jutice ytem i convoluted and broken, making it almot impoible to prove innocence in the face of circumtantial evidence. The character of the accued i come in on trial to convict a peron rather than direct evidence. Direct evidence i often lacking o, in it tead proecutor ue theorie and uppoition to help convict the accued. Jurie are convicting innocent repeatedly becaue they lack fundamental cognition of the legal ytem and of the definition of key legal term and procee, and often hold antiquated belief ytem concerning confeion, nerve center witne identification and witne tetimonie. Aumption are made rather than fact being actually aimilated, correlated, and proved thu, the innocent are convicted, incarcerated,

Customer insight project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Customer insight project - Research Paper Example label & Spencer (M&S) has been providing clothing, home products and food products to customers for over ten years (Wood & Finch, 2009). This period necessitates continued projecting of the customers loyalty and how to mitigate the weak areas. Understanding customers loyalty is crucial to the line of business management as it assist the management in decision-making (Stafford, 2009 Chislett, 2009 Willsher, 2011). A marketing research was carried out to assess the spot of customers loyalty. The research was strategic with the terminuss of providing information necessitate to remain at the top in the market. It was expected to give insights of the customers that could be used by the business manager to improve the business market power. This work reports findings from the marketing research conducted.The aim of the study was to understand and improve customer loyalty for Marks & Spencer (M&S) on the operate delivery and products offered. In meeting the goal of the research, the study seeks to answer the question how do services and product quality offered enhance customer loyalty for Marks & Spencer?The core goal of the study was to understand customers loyalty and how to improve the degree even further in regard to Marks & Spencer products. The study proposes the following specific objectives.This study was a qualitative market research executed through a market survey. Semi-structured questionnaires were administered to the selected respondents through face-to-face interviews surrounded by them and the trained enumerators. The above ensures collection of accurate data from the respondents interviewed (Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill, 2012). Questionnaires with Likert scale scales employed with the aim of quantifying how product and service provision enhances customer loyalty in regard to Marks & Spencer. The questionnaire included an introductory section, a particular description of Mark & Spencer and the aim of the study. The questionnaire also

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Political science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Political science - Essay ExampleBetween gentleman War I and World War II, over 230,000 Jews arrived in the area of Palestine from Russia, Poland, and Germany, providing skills and infrastructure for a future Jewish state, but also fueling violence between Palestines Jewish community and Arab community who feared displacement (Meyer, 2006). Because of the rising tensions, Britain had tried to restrict Jewish immigration to Palestine until after(prenominal) WWII when worldwide support demanded that a Jewish state become a reality (U.S. State Department, 2004). This outside(a) backing led to the 1947 UN partition plan with the General Assembly voting by a two-thirds absolute majority to partition western Palestine into a separate Jewish and an Arab state (Laqueur, 1969). Troubles continued to escalate forcing the British to leave on May 14, 1948. Soon after, the State of Israel was proclaimed and was quickly invaded by neighboring armies of the Arab nations which had ignore the UN partition plan. This conflict, Israels War of Independence, was concluded by armistice agreements between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria in 1949 and resulted in a 50 percent increase in Israeli territory (Meyer, 2006).The clash between Israel and the Palestinians is one of the long-term hazardous battles in history. The 1929 Massacre in Hebron and other cities shows that Palestinian terrorism predates the 1948 beginning of the state of Israel. In the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian Authority agreed to end all provocation against Israel, Israelis and Jews yet beginning with the resolve of the state, for more than 55 years the conflict has cost thousands of lives, involved neighboring countries in major wars, and unsettled the politics of the entire region. In 1947, the Jewish population in Palestine was estimated to be around 590,000 as compared to approximately 1,320,000 Palestinians, making the Jews equal approximately 31

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Art History Greek Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Art History Greek Art - Essay Example(51.6 cm). It has the chase description This kouros is one of the pinnuleliest marble statues of a human figure carved in Attica. The blind drunk stance, with the left leg forward and arms at the side, was derived from Egyptian art. The pose provided a clear, simple order that was used by Greek sculptors throughout the sixth century B.C. In this early figure, geometric, almost cabbold age forms predominate, and anatomical reference details are rendered in beautiful analogous patterns. The statue marked the grave of a late Athenian aristocrat. (metmuseum.org). The creator is unknown and it is a statue of a standing nude youth that did not signify any one individual youth but the idea of youth. It was used in Archaic Greece as both a dedication to the gods in sanctuaries and as a grave monument, the standard kouros stood with his left floor forward, arms at his sides, looking straight ahead. Carved in from four sides, the statue retained the general manakin of the marble block. Archaic Greek sculptors reduced human anatomy and musculature in these statues to decorative patterning on the surface of the marble. The kouros embodies many of the ideals of the aristocratic culture of Archaic Greece. One such ideal of this period was arete, a combination of moral and physical beauty and nobility. Arete was closely connected with kalokagathia, literally a composite stipulation for beautiful and good or noble. Writing in the mid 500s B.C., the Greek poet Theognis summed this idea up as What is beautiful is loved, and what is not is unloved. In a society that emphasized youth and male beauty, the artistic materialisation of this world view was the kouros. Indeed, when the poet Simonides wrote about arete in the late 500s, he used a metaphor on the face of it drawn from the kouros In hand and foot and mind alike foursquare/ fashioned without flaw (getty.edu). smell closely at the Kouros, one can see how the artist was strugg ling to represent the complex anatomical details of the body. It has some Egyptian such as the knee and wrist. only when he has cut lines into the press down legs to show the calf muscles, even though the human form has no such incisions, and from the back, the shoulders appear as a simple, flat plane, with just a linear indication for the shoulder planes. The artist wasnt able to show the complex swellings of these forms. On the head, all the features are placed on the front plane, leaving flat sides with an ear placed much too far back. This is a mistake many beginning art students make. But he has made a beautiful design of the complex structure of an ear, and turned the curly capacious hair into lovely strings of beads (ancient-greece.org).The kouros is controversial because of some features which were not in line with the age it was created. At a conference in 1992, art historians and scientists on the authenticity of the kouros. The question remains Is it an rare Greek st atue with a faked provenance, or a forgery with a faked provenance (itarp.uiuc.edu).On the other hand, the standing(a) Female Figure dates back to ca. 2600-2400 B.C. Early Cycladic II Cycladic Keros-Syros culture. It is made of marble with the size H. 24 3/4 in. (62.8 cm) and is said to be a gift of Christos G. Bastis in 1968 (68.148). This early Cycladic sculpture is said to be of the Spedos variety, the most common and most widely distributed form in Cycladic marble art.

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The Morrison Company , Wheelwright , S.C and Myers, P. ( 2011), Assignment

The Morrison caller , Wheelwright , S.C and Myers, P. ( 2011), Harvard Business School - Assignment ExampleBreen can adopt the following strategies for bringing in the organizational change required to improve the performance. 1. It was found that personalization or customization of the smart labels is creating problems as Morrison was facing bottlenecks delinquent to personalization delaying the packaging operation, moreover pharmaceutical companies required less customization as only 15% of orders were customized and its average determine is $0.22 and represented 2-thirds of Morrison revenue except 85% of retail orders were personalized with average price being only $.11. So it is recommended that personalization should be done only for large orders and not small orders and interchangeability manufacturing system should be introduced (Patil 2008). 2. Optimal Inventory Policy to be adopted It was found that the current store policy of Morrison is uneffective as it is contrib uting towards significant lead time and suppliers are not able to hand over light speed percent of the orders on time due to which Morrison is delivering orders 10 weeks modernr than the originally scheduled date. Therefore the inventory policy for materials has to change and optimum inventory policy should be adopted. Optimum inventory policy calls for two sit arounds, first through developing a simple model in which the relevant quantities and constant futurity demand flow are estimated in advance and second by developing an uncertainty model in which the random variable is demand flow is studied with probability distribution. Using two models, the dress hat maximum stock and the best reordering point are determined as functions of the demand distribution, the constitute of making an order and the penalty of stock depletion (Arrow et al 1950, p.1 Tempelmeier 2012). The optimum safety stock acts as a buffer production plan that takes into account the random uncertain events such as breakdowns of machines, random demands and late deliveries (Tempelmeier 2012). 3. ERP system to be launched ERP system is used extensively by both large and small and middling sized enterprises (SMEs). Breen should convince her CEO that ERP system provides both tangible and intangible benefits to the organization and its benefits are overmuch more than its cost not vice versa. Tangible benefits realized from launching ERP system are reduction of inventory, personnel, financial close cycle, cost of IT, cost of procurement, and maintenance improvements in productivity, order management, cash management, increase in profit and revenue and ensures on time delivery. Intangible benefits derived are increased visibility, improved processes, reduction in overall costs, customer responsiveness, more integration, flexibility, increase in performance of business and improved demand/supply chain (OLeary 2004). It has become a must for integrating various business functions and for ga ining competitive advantage however it must be customized, have support of top management (Fosser 2008). It can use materials requirement mental imagery planning and manufacturing resource planning (Patil 2008). 4. Materials supplier sources should be increased As it was found that

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Supply chain management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Supply strand management - Essay ExampleMany managers of the try chain are straightaway coming to the realization that the traditional approaches are not sufficient in keeping up with the changes. These traditional approaches do not give the incentives or even means to hurl continuous changes that are necessary to remain competitive. In order for them to stay in business, the managers of the supply chain fatality to act, as well as think, differently with the changes that they are required to institute being profound. What makes a difference between leaders and laggers is the ability to give services and products in a sustainable and lucid way that are reflective of higher agility, higher transportation speed, lower prices, and higher quality (Wisner et al, 22). some(a) of the concepts that would be proposed in the pursuit of achievement of the goals are environmental sustainability, quality applys and better designs, and lean manufacturing. These concepts need to be assessed and their adoption facilitated in New Zealand. In recent times, New Zealand has seen a significant amplify in awareness, generally, of strategies of quality improvement, supplier integration, and lean manufacturing. ... It is, therefore, vital that all producers comprehend good agricultural practice and their supply chain (The Agri-chain sharpen 1). The supply chain also consists of quality assurance where freshly produced goods lead quality assurance services that are inclusive of product assessments with basis on sound familiarity of the product, as well as a thorough comprehension of plant pathology after harvesting. The consumer is the next draw in the supply chain they have an increased awareness in relation to quality and gum elastic of the products. The organization must ensure that they meet the demands through a conduction of consumer and climate survey (The Agri-chain center on 1). Product safety solutions are yet another link in the supply chain management. The or ganizations walk a wide array of product-safety training, as well as support options that adhere to the necessities of consumers and the regulatory institutions (The Agri-chain Center 1). In the transportation of products internationally, organizations also require that imported goods on the high seas to the consumer comply with bio-security requirements of the Ministry for Primary Industries. These organizations now have at their disposal an array of services that ensure they achieve compliance with the Ministry of primary Industries. Finally, there is training for most organizations in areas of quality and safety of products, as well as bio-safety (The Agri-chain Center 1). oer the last fifteen years, most organizations in New Zealand are now making genuine improvements as they move to customer focused and quality based strategies of supply chain management away from strategies and maneuver based on cost (Wisner et al, 32). There are also significant increases in the awareness, g enerally, on strategies of

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Meeting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Meeting - Essay ExampleAs the first order of business under delegations/recognition the Spotlight on Excellence was awarded to a Pre-AP position teacher and Coach at Alamo Heights High aim. Secondly, Alamo Heights Public Relations Awards were highlighted. Specifically, the Alamo Heights School Foundation and District Communication Office had received three state awards from the Texas School Relations Association. The specifics of those awards were discussed. man-to-man students achievement in state academic and sport competitions were recognized. Alamo Heights High School Student Council was likewise recognized for achieving the 2011 National Gold Council of Excellence Award from the National Association of Student Councils. The meeting wherefore turned to possible items for action. A new format for elementary report cards were presented and the meeting intercommunicate that the new designs will be introduced in Fall 2011. No details were provided. Similarly, a strategic jut o ut update was recorded in the meetings with scant information. The only information recorded was that the an update was provided concerning the plans for the multiple lines of soil communication (Board Briefs, 2011). Other presentations were recorded similarly. For instance a revised dual language program and draft procedures were presented without the benefit of any other details.

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Action Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Action Paper - Assignment ExamplePeter, the sales manager, supported the widely distributed managers suggestion. Because I had been given an obligation to solve the problem, I proposed that the right people to take in in order to discover where problem was were the striking workers. All of them agreed with me. I went on and interviewed several(prenominal) employees who were on strike by that time. The purpose of this was to clarify as well as identify what caused the strike. Employees aerate out their grievances that helped me to understand the real problem.I informed the rest of focus body members about what caused workers to go on strike without issuing a notice. I suggested that for us to be surer about causes of the issue at hand there was a need to research more about what employees gave as their complaints. I invited all(a) in all employees whom I had interviewed earlier, to give more details about their grievances. They stated how some of their grievances started, when it started, and their suggestions concerning the best way in which they wished their issues should be handled. After doing further inquiries about the problem, I presented the results to the general manager in addition to members of management body. At this point, we were sure about root causes of the strike.Together with my colleagues, we discussed about how we could solve the problem effectively, and within a short period to prevent more losses that our company was experiencing at that moment. James proposed that we invite all striking workers for negotiation. He also said that at the time of negotiation, workers were to be given promises that their issues were going to be solved as currently as they get back to job. Peter suggested that the best way to sleep with with the problem was to issue sacking threats to workers who will not report on duty as soon as possible. I disagreed with these suggestions and recommended formation of a special team that will deal with that issue with out fussy with companys way of

Disagree Process Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Disagree Process - Research penning ExampleIt take outes guilds according to a set of conditions laid in the organisation. (Joseph, 2010). The system shows design, plans, and use of dispatch computerized system to enable effective, productive and consistent transportation for emergencies to the emergency room. Disagree lick arises when one of the vehicle primitively assigned to a nonemergency response may instantaneously be diverted for an emergency response. Also referred to us as a non profit response, because it does not arises out of a predetermined fact or lay on the line that was discussed with the parties in question. (Joseph, 2010). Through self analysis of the subject matter that is emergency response unit in relation to its application to computation and disagree process I have come up with this 2 issues that are important in the disagree process. there are certain types of responses that are required for some(prenominal) technician or paramedic to respond to bu t for him to disagree with an order when he is bear withing a certain dispatch one has to have a specific, important distortion to his previous response. The two important issues are animateness threatening circumstances and non-life threatening circumstances. Other issues that relates to our subject matter are time to and from the scene of the occurrence to the hospital, distance to and from the scene to hospital, and extent of the situation. ... Lets first start with life threatening circumstance, this is an occurrence that decides the impact it takes for a dispatcher to assume the response he took in the first place potful or should be ignored or not for the sake of the new occurrence. A response to a life threatening response occurs through the radio the dispatcher has a decision to make to undergo his normal routine or to finish what he was undertaking or to stop and forego it for the knew order or dispatch. (Stone, 1998). This decision lies to the degree of this new happeni ng. Life threatening is an occurrence that the paramedic is sure or so it that its a matter of life and cobblers last to the patient in question or death is eminent without their response, but for instance the dispatch is made to a response or a vehicle which they are also in a life threatening response. What are the options that the paramedics will take in such a double scenario? This represents a significant challenge in optimization of resource allocation. The other(a) issue is, non - threatening circumstance, this rules out the change of decision for the paramedic or dispatcher. Thus disagree process is not viable in this situation as the situation is not a life threatening. So he can undergo the norm. But this scenario is related to the September 911 bombing. The situation was life threatening to both(prenominal) the victims and even the medics if the response was effective enough and they were near enough to the scene of the incident then it was a two way traffic because e ven the medics who arrived first at the scene of the incident had some winding to the situation and were part of the problem instead of solving it thus a times situations are uncalled for. There are certain factors one has to consider when he is

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Financial service management, please see below for further instruction Essay

Financial service management, please see below for further instruction - Essay pillowcaseAs a bank node service advisor, I will be better positioned to support fiscal literacy among individuals to enhance their fiscal management and investment through quality and informed fiscal advisory. Normally, banking customer service advisors perform various duties including one, handling customer complaints by responding to them on a timely derriere and to the delight of customers. Two, involves advising customers on the suit susceptibility of various financial products that suits their conditions. For example, those leaving college will be best fit for a private pension plan as opposed to proposing the same to retirees. Three, a bank customer service advisor provides feedback to the management to help them in improving their services for customer satisfaction. The job withal involves providing desk service roles as front-line service providers to enhance customer satisfaction (Knapp 2 009). To adequately perform this function, one unavoidably to have certain skills like good people skills, critical thinking and good problem firmness skills. Personal confidence, self management and interpersonal communication skills to present ideas, a good listener and ability to deal with difficult clients also come in handy. Unfortunately for me I have not been a good listener and often jumped into conclusions before getting to the core of the matter. At times I mess be natureal a situation that makes it hard for me to deal with difficult people. However, I must learn that going through this course and attending several public speaking lectures I have meliorate on my people skills. The positions for this career are available in commercial banks, micro finance institutions, financial advisory firms, investment banks, pension and mutual funds among others. A career as a banking customer service advisor requires approximatelybody who is flexible, articulate and one who can handle complex and diverse roll of customer issues. As a result, one should be knowledgeable enough about the finance sector and therefore one has to read widely and remain afloat the current information. Good understanding of individuals temperament and risk profiles also helps in providing the necessary financial advisory. Time management is essential as some customer requests, enquiries and complaints require quick response. Having noted the requirement for this job and realized my weaknesses I have embarked on a number of activities and action plans that have yielded good results in that direction. I must admit that exploitation the skills set and behavior toolkit developed by Chapman (2006) was a major turning point as I was able to objectively evaluate my strengths and weaknesses in line with required skills for a career as a customer advisor. From this assessment, I developed a work plan to address my weaknesses. Generally, my weaknesses included limited financial knowledg e, a poor listener and negotiator, non-team player and difficulties in managing stress and conflicts. For example, I noted earlier in college that I was never interested in group assignments preferring to work alone. I only came to realize the benefits of teamwork when I started seriously engaging in group assignment especially for this course. I also had the know-it all military capability which prevented me from listening to others properly and often jumping into conclusions without understanding what the real problem was. I remember during the financial

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Essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Essay - Assignment ExampleThe nippy War was characterized by increased tensions between America and Russia, and military advancements characterized each others agendum in dominating world affairs. Therefore, Solnits arguments elicit praise and criticism of this period in almost mate measure, but are apparent America realized its objective after decisive sacrifices.My primal fence for reading this chapter is to quail at and understand numerous events in society that have shaped human conditions in the world. It was possible by reading Solnits work to understand the unique features of Silicon vale, as she notes finding the landscape of Silicon Valley isnt as easy as getting the subdivisions and freeway exits and industrial parks. When Langdon Winner wrote a profile of Silicon Valley a few years ago, he reached for the Winchester secret House as its Emblem. It is an obvious one in a region whose other landmarks are singular (Solnit 52). Consequently, I agree with Solnit on the o bstacle of finding the landscape of Silicon Valley. Increased military trading operations have transformed the valley into an area of underground military bases, tunnels, and activities. The physical landscape of Silicon Valley is deceiving because even though one can see decaying emblems like the Winchester Mystery house, it is apparent many more than buildings, and facilities characterize the valleys landscape. Her arguments just about Silicon Valley significantly transformed my perception about a landscape, and I discovered that even underground features in the area are part of its landscape.Moreover, the difficulty in finding the landscape of Silicon Valley led to my second reason for reading this text, which was to comprehend and understand Solnits comparison of Silicon Valley with a maze. After understanding why the reference compares Silicon Valley with a maze, I critically analyzed this comparison to understand this inevitable parable clearly and easily. Advances in tec hnology,

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Organizational Learning and Development - Research report on Essay

Organizational Learning and Development - Research melodic theme on CREATIVITY and INNOVATION in an organization - Essay ExampleA team headed by an HR executive hired for the purpose made a survey on the input and output rendered in the system. To the surprise of all, the team arrived at a finding that the level of creativity before computerisation was comparatively high. The fall in creativity lead to nil innovation albeit scores of channels were available to refinement the job in no time. The team sample picked a section comprising about thirty employees who gave comparatively greater output during the regime of their manual working pattern. The team found that the employees who were new to the use of computers in their work field were over loaded with technical bottle-necks, which they were forced to get redressed with the help of computer organize on visit to the firm besides on call.The types of fall in creativity and the cause were analysed and arrived at a point that the administration in its stubborn ambition of modernisation by computerisation paid truly little heed to the human resource and related innovative possibilities. Compulsion to give their output only through computers hitherto unacquainted -- had formed a sort of psychic inhibition in the minds of the employees, a chunk of who were even mentally forced to quit the job.The team empirically permitted a couple of the employees who were freehand much yield in their pre-computer era to have a manual back up and condoned the abide for such additional load of work. In addition they were afforded incentives even for paltry improvements in their technical operations. everywhere a spell of 90 days the two employees began to excel in computer operations and were unstrained to work only with computers bidding a bye to traditional type of manual work.Thus independence in their realm of activities and rewards made employees to come up with a flood of new ideas. Imparting culture in the field clubbed with freedom certainly improved the level of creativity and innovation.Creativity although is universally authentic as a needful and useful

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Themes in Othello Essay Example for Free

Themes in Othello EssayThemes in Othello is that of deception, actual mostly through Iago, who is an arch-deceiver throughout the dally. Because he is angry that Othello has passed over him for a promotion, he vows revenge. Playing upon Othellos jealousy, he deceives him into believing that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. He also deceives Roderigo, reservation him believe that Desdemona will tire of Othello and crowning(prenominal)ly be won by Roderigo.It is Iagos repeated deceptions that move the plot of the gather forward to the ultimate climax and tragedy. Another minor theme of Othello is love, and the play can be considered a romantic tragedy. The play is romantic because it celebrates the marriage of two minds as embodied in Othello and Desdemona. They marry in spite of the protests of Desdemonas father, and she faithfully follows her husband wherever he is sent. Their romantic marriage, however, is ruined by the villainous machinations of Iago.Othello is eventually take to murder his beloved, turning the romantic play into a tragedy. A third minor theme of Othello revolves close to appearance vs. reality. Iago has an honest face, which helps hide his deceitful soul. Othello appears to be strong and courageous, a leading general, but he is easily tricked into fearing that his wife is unfaithful. It appears that Desdemona has left her treasured handkerchief with Cassio in reality, Emilia has taken it and Iago has planted in on Cassio.Because of Iagos trickery, it appears to Othello that Desdemona is involved with Cassio in truth, she is innocent, loving her husband dearly. Throughout the play, Iago is instrumental in making sure that reality is disguised by appearances, which he manipulates. MOOD The predominant mood of the whole play is somber and tragic. Iago works his evil almost from the opening scene, and each new deception that he plans brings greater misery. The tragic gloom that he causes is only occasionally relieved by com edy, provided by Roderigo and the Clown.

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Grim First-Quarter Results for Newspapers Essay Example for Free

Grim First-Quarter Results for Newspapers EssayThis particular clause talks about the continuing decline in newspaper publisher subscriptions and purchases by the general cosmos. Many throng view that the newspapers and on the whole print magazines ar well on their way to being extinction. Many critics believe the reason for this is because the news discount easily and efficiently be found and read on the inter shed light on. The solid ground wide web offers a great source of news but beyond that it allows for people to provoke a discussion about news topics. This leads to a more well rounded approach to either(prenominal) issue that becomes news worthy. No longer is the public blindly fed whatever the newspapers want them to read.The public can aggressively seek out information, both sides of the story, on the internet. Obviously, as an online news reader you bring on to be good at research and just as good at telling the honor from fiction. However, I think the de cline of the newspaper has very little to do with the internet and blogging.In todays world, newspaper are so focused on selling adds and inserts that they fail to offer the public any kindle information. Who wants to wade through all the advertisements only to find the information you want squished between what is on sales event at the grocery store and whats one sale at JcPenneys. When you pay for a newspaper you are paying for the news not be manipulated by marketing companies telling you what you should be, buy, and strive for. Online I can search for exactly the news story I want. I have direct access to all the information and I dont have to dispose of all those paper inserts trying to sell me shoes. Newspapers have failed to accommodate up with the demands on a now much more well informed public. Instead of having rectify articles written by better authors to increase circulation (thus increasing profit) they have chosen to fill up every extra piece of space with marketin g junk that most news reader could care little about. Newspapers will die out but only because they believe money was more important than truth.lGrim First-Quarter Results for Newspapers mate Revenue From tissue Operations Become More Important to PublishersBy Nat IvesPublished April 14, 2006NEW YORK (AdAge.com) Newspapers make a bit of a grim display this week when they reported their first-quarter earnings, revealing profit declines at The New York Times Co., Tribune Co., McClatchy Co. and powerhouse Gannett Co., but dis vie at every turn the rising importance of the Web to their businesses.The New York Times Co. reported perhaps the brightest results yesterday, even though first-quarter profit devolve 68.5% to $35 one one million million million million from $111 million a year earlier. That apparent free fall, however, mostly reflected the extra income in last long time first quarter when the company sold its headquarters in Times Square.About.com boosts Times Co. The Web played a big role in the companys overall respectable results. Ad revenue rose 3.9% in the first quarter to $554.6 million, up from $533.8 million in the year previous quarter. The Times Co. ad increases were mostly delivered by About.com without that property, ad revenue would have increased just 0.7%.Earnings per share were 4 cents, a penny higher than the analysts consensus expectation compiled by Thomson Financial.Our results in the first quarter reflect higher advertising and circulation revenues at The New York Times Media Group and the Regional Media Group, in part due to the introduction of sophisticated new products, said Janet L. Robinson, president-CEO. But The Boston Globes unit, The New England Media Group, was again hit hard by consolidation among advertisers and a tough competitive environment, she said.Tribune looks to Web assets Another heavy-hitter, The Tribune Co., reported yesterday that its first-quarter earnings also fell to the tune of 28%, with flat ad rev enue. The Tribune owns newspapers including The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune. Tribune expects online ad revenues to contribute about $350 million in 2006 it counts a stake a CareerBuilder.com among its Web assets.McClatchy Co., which agreed last month to buy Philadelphia inquirer parent Knight Ridder, reported a 14.2% decline in first-quarter net income. Ad revenue at McClatchy, which houses newspapers including the Sacramento Bee, grew 1.4% to $237.1 million.The powerhouse that is Gannett turned in perhaps the most surprising report on April 12, announcing that net income sank 11.5% in the first quarter. Its newspapers ad revenue grew 5.7% to nearly $1.3 billion, but that factors in acquisitions without which first-quarter ad revenue would in truth have fallen 1.8%. At its flagship USA Today, ad revenues declined 4.2%.

Pro Genetically Modified Foods Essay Example for Free

Pro Genetically Modified Foods EssayWe must render science to make medicine. All of us have been to the doctor to get medicine at least once in their lives. Think about how many people would die each year if it werent for modern day medicine a lot, right? So its safe to say that almost of us trust in medicine but not the science of genetically modifying foods? Believe it or not, genetically modifying foods has been around for thousands of years. About 8,000 years ago, for example, farmers in Central America crossed two magnetic declination strains of a weedy-looking plant called Balsas teosinte and seduced the first corn on the cob. (http//www. pbs. org/wgbh/harvest/engineer/) Without GM foods, farmers would be employ more pesticides to keep their crops fresh. Scientists have created pest resistant plants that require fewer pesticides and grow faster. Along with organism more cost efficient for farmers, the farmers use of fewer pesticides has been thought to be safer for co nsumers and for the surroundings. How is the environment affected by pesticides? After the rain comes and washes all the pesticides on the crops away the chemicals run off into the scope water and the water becomes contaminated.Then the animals of the surrounding area consume the water and then become imbalanced and eventually die. If corn were not genetically modified, many crops would die as a result of pests and forgetful resiliency to changes in the weather. One of the biggest pathogens for corn is said to be the European corn borer. Because this insect subsides within of the corn husk, pesticides do little to fix the issue. As a result of reduced production of corn, produce prices would become inflated and many people could no longer afford to buy it.

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Business Plan Marketing Essay Example for Free

Business Plan Marketing Es labelStarting a late/ self- arrive assembly line cease be unitary of the secureest affairs that a person scum bag do in their life. The clientele base come second to nonhing in life , non even your family. This is much whither raft suffer the mis lock and work up in to deep. Planning is upright the setoff further is the around crucial aspect of the whole process. According to Uggla and Filipsson developing a confederation brand is unriv wholeed of the most alone-important(prenominal) aspects of drop deading a occupation as wholesome as. They workoutd examples like Adidas, HM and Microsoft as good companies to look at as examples. A strong foundation to a stemma leave alone be a broad avail in make the subscriber line lucky and profit open as quickly as possible.This universe said the line of reasoning that I would love to open is a garden center or glass field of operations. Marshalls is all overtaking to be a leader in indoor tropical house full treatments and foliage. We bequeath non unaccompanied move the ima leads hardly offer landscaping expediencys and free classes to nodes on how to maintain the engrafts that they do train. I stir worked in this field my entire life and meet securen umpteen businesses of this showcase come and go for m either reasons. I feel that after works in the field for 12 days I abide a good grasp on the reasons why population were successful and unsuccessful. This alone go forth help me dramatically in the formation of the business because I go forth not make many of the aforementioned(prenominal) mis civilises that former(a) companies I deem worked for made in the past.The vision that I overhear for Marshalls nursery is to involve broken even within the number one cardinal years of operation and be not wholly profit qualified however too the largest nursery in s come taboo of the closetheastern Michigan. I as healthy as comp liments to introduce hundreds of uncommon characters of plants to this region for in hearth rocknroll growing. Being the biggest importer of tropical orchids and foliage is to a fault actually important to the successes of Marshalls. Anyone stinkpot sell the basic impatient and marigolds, I would love to go one step above this and show heap it is possible to grow tropical and unique plants indoors.At Marshalls nursery our mission statement for this is simple We deprivation to sell unique tropical plants to our consumers at fair prices. Our consumer leave behind not only gain the plant when they come into Marshalls just now they leave behind also gain manageledge. We leave alone beat only plenty that fork up experience in the field working hands on with the customers. Marshalls offers how to clinics on the weekends and for a minor fee result also come out and help you plant whatever is bought at the store. The company go out also sell only organic pesticides and fert ilizers to consumers to ensure the sentry duty of the environment and families. We lead be leaders in the community by not only take for grantedating plants but also donating our while to serve the community.The management style testament make water to evolve as the company gets bigger over the offset 5 years or so. In the eldest coupling years while I build my staff the management style volition most apt(predicate) be autocratic. I personally leave alone be in charge and tell everyone what to do. I believe that you shouldnt give employees to much say in involvements till after they energise shown not only cleverness but also built trust with the flock they ar working with. I believe this is also fair take awaying that I have sunk all of my selfemotionally and financially into the business and I want it ran this charge of life until I at least start profiting. After I have started profiting and have built a good core of employees it forget without a doubt turn m ore in the way of being run permissively. Employees should have the ability to make adjustments and choices in certain situations that may take place within the business. I impart also work side by side with my employees. I have a strong belief that you should never tell someone to do some affaire that you wouldnt want to do yourself.The company result have a structure that starts with the CEO at the top and then down to twain assistant managers. The assistant managers lead be the ones that argon responsible for all of the use of cash in the mornings and at night and dealing with serious issues through with(predicate)out any addicted day. The undermentioned level will be trinity yard managers. Yard managers argon responsible for ensuring that everything is completed in the yard and that all of the plants argon looking healthy. The will have the ability to delegate to any of the 10 employees working under them. The basic employee will be hourly and do all of the day-by-d ay assign such as helping customers to their cars and watering all of the plants.I believe that by setting up Marshalls nursery in this type of management structure it will greatly benefit the company. Everyone will know what the hierarchy is in the company and know who they bottomland go to for help. Many people would say that this is or so a form of micromanagement but it is needed when you have a company with so many diametric variables. This structure will also utilize all of the employees strengths and eliminate tasks that they may be weak in.Overall, this is just a brief description of the company that I would like to start and how I plan on deviation about starting it. In weeks to fallow I will slackly build on these values that I have set forth to make for a much stronger company. This is just beginning of the planning. Planning is oft the make or break in a company of any type or coat. When you own and operate your own business your code of conduct is breathing ou t to be one of the most important things that you will ever create. This is sack away to set anethical standard for how your business will be run and how the employees should act well at work.This all starts with a core set of values. The value that Marshalls will use allow in Honesty, fairness, integrity and using all of these traits to reach the company goals in the sm other(a) on prospective. all(a) of these things atomic number 18 going to be considered highly, not only in hiring but also holding a safe and friendly atmosphere for everything.We will not tolerate any unethical air in our business by an level of employee. either documents will be checked by our tertiary party accountant that will ensure that all physical compositionwork is done properly and accurately. Marshalls will have zero in tolerance for unethical behavior and will be puni cast out by job termination and interest group with the law if the situation grades.Marshalls will be able to work this c ode of ethics into everyday behave and will not mint how things are run. This is something that we will need to have in order to be a successful business. A merchandise plan is interracial to the success of any business. Regardless of size or what youre trying to sell its going to the adventure bone of profitability. on that point are many contrasting aspects that go into making a market plan including market research, wonk summary and the 4 Ps of marketing. All of these things are going to add up to a small portion of what is in a thorough marketing plan but all are important in ensuring a successful business. Market research like I explained in the previous composing is going to explain market trends, competitors and environmental factors. All of these piece of tail have huge impacts on how well your company is going to do. You should know your market extremely well. You wouldnt want to put A steak house in the pump of a vegan community and expect it to succeed.Sometime s however stepping outside the box can be extremely profitable if you can find a niche market that has not been tapped. This is where Marshalls is going to be since were selling tropical plants in a cold humor. A fold of people would say this makes little sense but people in general want what is different for their households and businesses and we can provided that. The first thing that needs to be done when creating a market plan is the 4 ps of marketing.This is going to include everything that is going to be involved including product, price, place and promotion. All of these things make up what is called the marketing mixes. The marketing mix is the basics of the business without these you would not even have a business. To be successful Marshalls Nursery is going to have to fallow all of these very to be successful. The product that Marshalls Nursery is going to be offering is an exotic plant nursery.The plants are going to be from round the world and from many different grow ers and all have very specific needs. Marshalls will be able to not only sell the plants to the customer but also help them place them in the home where they will flourish. This returns will be at an extra charge but to ensure that the plants will do well and produces blooms it will be very helpful. If we can try and get every customer to use our in home care service than it will take the company to a new level of profitability. Price is going to be the most difficult thing for Marshalls. Its very pricey to ship plants in a heated truck during the winter, but its crucial to the success of the business to do so. This will drive the price up a stria. With a chain reactor of the connections with vendors I have made in south Florida I should be able to keep tape drive lower. Also teaming up with other stores that are not in close proximity to my store would be another(prenominal) way to order more plants to eliminate shipping costs. The fact that the plants are rare and people will not be able to get them anywhere else is going to make it easier to keep prices a little atomic number 42 higher.I strategically patched the location for Marshalls. The subject field outside of Metro-Detroit is loaded with wealth and the home to over 50 major companies which are authorization clients. Also by keeping it in a cold climate we eliminate a consider of competition. The majority of these plants can be bought in warm climates but are nearly impossible to find in Michigan. I have also looked at the growth effectiveness and have found that because of rubbishy real estate people have been moving to this area quickly. The cheap real-estate also helps because I can afford a better location and building for Marshalls. Promotion is going to be vital to the success of the business. This is going to start with advertising and led directly into the customer service that we give our clients. We are going to do many different types of advertising. This will start with using chicken scalawags and direct mail. With the yellow pages site we can also hit the internetmarketing with a hand per penetrate campaign. This means that we only pay when people click on the ad. Often its five cents per click and you pay depending on how many people click.We have also been working with a hooking of local anesthetic gardening magazines to advertise to our local customers and let them know we are now in town. We will do a free orchid campaign to the first 500 customers at the store to draw people in. This may cost us a lot at the start but in the far square offing run will get the word out that were open and have a quality location. As a company we will also be performing a SWOT synopsis on the business before we start. The advantage to this is that it rightfully shows you where your business is and what needs to be improved on. SWOT consists of quad things your companys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and curses. Marshalls Nursery has many strengths. The first thing that is very evident is that I have worked in this type of business for over 12 years and have seen where other companies have succeeded and failed. With this knowledge I should be able to be proactive and not reactive as much. fish fillet a problem from the start is huge advantage.I also have made a lot of connections in this type of business that will help me with prices and shipping. Majority of the potential weaknesses that I see are things that will be able to be stopped with proper planning. The first thing that I see as a problem is the lack of working capital that has to start the business. I need to have more capital on hand in order for the business to run to its full potential and for me not to put my own lively hood at put on the line. Also the lack of reliable workers is another thing that will be difficult. When dealing with exotic plants it will be important that my staff is well trained and knows a lot about the plants and how to care for them. Since we will have mostly tropical plants it will be hard to find adequate candidates. Opportunities that Marshalls may have are being the first business in the area to sell this product and offer in home services to go a farsighted with it. Also Michigan State University is the United States leading agriculture and horticulture school.This will help because I can use interns that are studying the field and even get potential job applicants straight out of college. We can also open many different locations down the line if the initial location does well. The biggest threat to the company is going to be the climate in Michigan. If we have an extremely cold winter which has happened some(prenominal) times in the past itsgoing to make quality shipping very difficult. most tropical plants cant tolerate temperatures under 40 degrees for considerableer than a couple proceeding before getting damaged. Also, if we start doing well it will be very tempting for our competition to start replicating what we are doing. This will be a potential long term threat for the company.This marketing plan is just the beginning of success for the company. It may be the most important part of the process however, this is going to make or break your company. If we realize not only our successes but also our failures and act on them before they happen than we will be a much better company. Daily operations for a business are going to be the bread and butter of your business. A company is often made profitable on how they are run. This can be anything from giving serving customers to obtaining product from vendors half way across the country. The more streamline, efficient and friendly you are will increase margin and in the long run profitability. Often the company that is around in five years is the ones that have figured out how to have the best daily operations.Marshalls nursery is retail and a services business. devising Marshalls not only a retail but service business will make the oper ations more difficult but also a lot more profitable. Being able to not only offer to sell items to people but also maintain and pot the exotic plants. I will list how general operations will go for the retail side of the business and the service side.The operations for the store aspect of the business are pretty simple and just like most other retailers. The most important aspect of the business is going to be a good shipping method. We will use heated/cooling trucks that will be able to keep the plants at an adopt 75 degrees for the entire tripe to ensure maximum recentness and quality for the customers. Shipping will be very important can have a huge impact on blood line levels and the inwardness of plants we can carry. We have unflinching to go a different route than most other nurseries in the area and do all of our own shipping in house. The reason for this is the ability to not only ensure quality but be able to pick select plants and verification in appear to face con tact with our growers.Our Growers are going to consist of four different companies. We have selected these companies because they have a great reputation and I also have contacts with them that will get us a lot better deal than going elsewhere. The first company that we are going to use is rib Nursery. Costa is a large scale nursery selling anything from rare plants to the common marigold. I have dealt with them for over 6 years and love their product. They will provide us with mainly orchids and bromeliads. The second is going to be Florida tree farm, they have a large selection of indoor palms that you cannot buy anywhere else in the country. Dewars nursery is going to be our primary rose and citurs fruit dealer. Windmill farms will give us the basic everyday 6 packs that people will buy for their outside landscaping. We will only use windmill farms for the summer months to gain a little bit of extra business to sell outdoor(a) plants.Now that we have gone over how and where we will get our product the next aspect is how the genuine store is going to be set up. The gravelly size of the store will be 1500 determine feet inside and 1000 square foot outside area for summer plants. The store will be organized by type of plant on both the inside and the outside.Our staff on any given day will include me and one other manager and at least three other employees to help out the majority of the customers. The store hours will be from 9-7 Mon-Saturday and 10-6 on Sundays. The managers will be the ones that run the registers the majority of the time well the associates help customers find and load what they need into the car. One other responsibility that everyone will have is making sure all of the plants get watered every integrity day.Watering is the number one reason the nurserys have shrink so it will be everyones job to do this At the end of every day the managers that close will be responsible for counting down all of the registers and making sure the stor e is clean and specify for business the following day. These roles can be modified if need be due to call offs or any other issues that may come up. We will also have at least two traveling care takers for home possessors and business owners that will go from place to place and take care of peoples plants. These will also be the individuals that make long distance runs to the nurserys to pick upproduct.Monday will be a very crucial day for the business. The managers will do inventory and decided what we are going to need for the next couple weeks. They will then call it in to the different vendors and set up a Thursday or Friday pick up time. Monday and Tuesday will also be the days that our traveling plant specialists will go to appointments to take care of peoples plants. This will all be going on behind scenes well the store is operating its daily business. Wednesday the plant specialists will leave in two boxes trucks and travel to Florida where they will load up the two truck s and return home before Saturday so that the store can be replenished with merchandise.Upon returning on Saturday the associates will unload the truck and the managers will do a second check to make sure everything has arrived not only in good shape but also the proper quantities. This seems like a lot of work but it is very important to only have the freshest product for our customers and will also make it so that we can keep prices lower. This will be a typical week at Marshalls. I have found that over my years of managing similar businesses aught is every set in s net tone and adjustments will have to be made as we go. This is just a general blueprint for what a week will look like.We have been looking at the idea of getting some(prenominal) of our products from the Caribbean islands. There are many pros and cons of doing this. The first thing that we noticed was that we were able to get products a lot cheaper per plant but will have to pay almost three times the shipping to g et them back to the U.S. The reason that they are so much cheaper is because the labor to grow them is less than half what we pay people in the United States. Countries like Haiti pay people only dollars a day. Many of the growers also do not fallow the laws of the U.S and use pesticides and fertilizers that have been banned. This is specially relevant when trying to ship fruit trees that are going to potentially be consumed by people.Dealing with the government of some of these other countries is also very difficult because they want to control what is being shipped and often times will confiscate things at the border that they feel is odd. When this happens there is no guarantee that we will ever get what we ordered and canoften times result in huge losses. A typical order can range anywhere from 2000 dollars up to 20,000. One lost order can ruin a half of months sales. Like any business networking is key in success so by gaining overseas contacts it can greatly increase sales an d even potential locations to expand to. We have even looked at outset our own greenhouse and fields in some foreign countries to produce our own plants.This is just a basic overview of what the operations for Marshalls will look like. Many things will come up that may shift how the company will be run. Many factors such as weather and war may dictate what will happen. If we are able to stick to this plan as close as possible we should be profitable within the first two years of being open.A cash stop analysis is an important part of any business that is planning on succeeding and growing in the future. Marshalls is no different than any other business in that it needs to have an accurate cash liquefy statement. This will give us a better idea of how the business is doing and where the cash is flowing in the business. It is important as a small business to prepare these documents as frequently as possible. This can be done anywhere from monthly to annually. In this paper we will look at what goes into a cash flow analysis and what some of the benefits are for keeping an accurate cash flow analysis.The first part of the cash flow statement that you will need to know is the net income. The net income is the come amount of money that will be brought in. This will be a base number with nothing taken out for liabilities or money that was spent. Marshalls had a net income of 545,000 in the first year of doing business.operating(a) activities is the first thing that needs to be analyzed for a cash flow analysis. This will include anything that will produce direct revenue or any of the costs that may come up when producing a good or a service. When looking at what might cause cash inflow, you would consider thing like customer sales from primary products. For Marshalls this would be anything that we would sell to the public. The main out flows that we will have toconsider for operating activities would be paying suppliers and employee payrolls. The money that wil l go out to our suppliers will be around 100,000 and our payroll for the year will be around 300,000 all together for our employees. expend activities is the next area of that we will look at when making a cash flow analysis. This will be higher for the first year because of the property that we will be buying. This is a noncurrent summation that will generate a lot of money for us over time. The property is we bought is 200,000 and will only have to be deducted for the first year of the cash flow statement. Equipment for the company is also in this form because over time we will make money from this. The total cost of this is going to be 20,000. backing activates is the final area on the cash flow analysis that Marshalls will have to take into consideration. This area will be anything from having to barrow money for new equipment to using cash to pay off a property loan. Marshalls will have to be making payments on equipment and also on the cost of the owe for the building that they will be located in.There are many benefits to preforming a cash flow analysis and is necessary for any size business. The first thing that we need to consider is that this is the final breed that is prepared. This means that it takes into account everything that was in the other financial statements. This statement will show accountability and hardship of all the other kinds of statements. This is a great way to analyze how healthy a business is when you are considering doing business with them or investing with them. This report will also make the company a lot more credible when trying to entice investors and other financing.Many problems will arise if this report is not done properly and in a timely manner. Cash flow statements are the overall murder of your business and by not knowing where youre sitting it can have terrible future implications. Including, overspending and not being credible to potentialinvestors.Information engineering science can be a make or break of a business. It can not only save the company a lot of money but also at the same time cling to valuable training. This information can include anything from business account numbers, customer information, vendor lists and product margins. All of this is going to be information that you would not want to lose or get stolen by potential competitors. The first thing that we are going to look at is going to be types of hardware that we will be using at Marshalls to make it as safe and user friendly as possible.The hardware that we are going to be using for this business is going to be pretty simple because of the nature of the business. We will have two computers that will be for ordering information and managing the website online. These computers will also field all email questions by customers from the website. We will also have a laptop for the oral communication guys to use to make sure that all of the products they are picking up are correct and for lite personal use on two an d three day trips. In the office there is a multipurpose printer that has the ability to copy, telecommunicate and print. To stay up with the times we have decided to also integrate two I-pads into our company to take credit card sales on the spot and make answering questions easier for the customer.Software is going to be an area where we will not need to spend a lot of money to start out. I figure that we will get QuickBooks to do our accounting and the Microsoft office suite to do the majority of the other features. In office suite there is a program that is called accesses and will build a database of customers and we will use that heavily for direct mail and contacting potential customers over time. The one area that we will not skimp in is anti-virus protection the reason that I say this is because it is going to be important to protect all of our information.Marshalls is going to use email very heavily for their business not only to stay in touch with customers but also to o rder product and keep in contact with the delivery people that are on the road 3 days a week. MarshallsEmail is emailprotected, the reason that we decided on this email is because people will easily be able to distinguish us when looking through their emails. We also used Google as our home for our email because it is not only free but can hold the most amount of emails.We will have a basic network that will link all of our electronic devices to the main desktop PC in the managers office. All important documents will then be stored in external hard drives as well as on the device that it was transferred from. This will ensure that we will never have an issue where we lose paper work or information that we will need at a later time. For the laptop and I-pads we will have wireless internet at the store and the ability to have ATT 3g for the laptop on the road.Our website is going to be very simple in design with a basic landing page that will search engine optimized to increase releva nce and raise our spot on search engine pages. The page will have a spot where customers can get basic information and see approximate in store quantities. The main concern for www.Marshallstropical.com is going to be that due to the ability to order, schedule appointments and get plant information on our site it will have high volume of people at the site at any time making it slow if not shutting it down.This concern for sedate usage on the website has made Marshalls staff decided to implement cloud technology. Cloud technology is a sensibly new technology that eliminates the need for multiple servers. This alone is going to save you a ton of money in basic server costs. Normally a server is going to have to have a host and you will be charged no matter how much you actually use it. You also will have to buy more servers as the site gains popularity or it will slow down dramatically. Customers hate not being able to streamline across a site and will often not even consider a sit e that is not in fast working order.What cloud technology will do for us is not only eliminate the need for servers but also increase our scalability. Meaning the site will be able to handle more people when needed and scale back down when traffic is slower. This makes it very convenient because you never have to anxiety about your site being slow due to high traffic and potentiallylosing sales. Cloud technology is also a performance based asset. The reason I say this is because you are only really paying for it when people are using it. This being said when people are looking at your website that is creating leads and the potential for customers so you are really only paying when its being used. This can all be done from one computer and is a very simple. With the little bit of time I will have on my hands running the business simple is better.This is just the start to what we can do with information technology in our business. Since we are so small we will be able to run lite in this area for a while. When we start to get bigger and open up new locations the need for information technology expansion will be needed. The most important thing overall is our security and the ability to protect our information yet stay streamlined for the customers needs.Management in any business is going to be an important factor. A business that is not ran properly will often times not be around for more than a couple years. Poor management will affect customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction. It is often a trickledown effect with an end result of customers not wanting to shop at that place of business and the business not being able to hire potential qualified candidates.At Marshalls nursery we will have four managers that will run the business. One of the managers is going to be the owner and will have the final say in any issues that may arise. This is going to be somewhat of an autocratic management style but since the owner has the final say. I feel that I should have the final say on this because it I am solely taking the entire financial risk in the business. Not only am I taking the entire risk but I also have more experience running the business than any of the other managers that are fresh out of college. Marshalls will also have an offsite accountant that will be responsible for the weekly reports and making sure all the books are kept up to date and correct. We also have the ability to father in outside consultants that will help train our employees about the different types of plants and plant care.All of the employees at Marshalls will have to be team players, when you are running a large business with a staff of 12. Employees will have to learn how to work together in order to get everything cultivated that needs to be done. I stated that it was going to be an autocratic work place for the first couple years but I hope to move more to a democratic type of management style when we get established. I want all of the managers to have a say in how the business is run and implement things that they feel is going to help the business out over time. tho fallowing ones persons ideas and direction will eventually hinder its ability to grow into a unique business.Communication at Marshalls is going to be very important because of the nature of the business. We will be running three different shifts that will only overlap by a couple of hours. Since the overlap is so little, we will have to utilize emails, texts and interpersonal communication in order to get our daily business done. Information that is business sensitive will only be available to the managers and accountant. Many things over the course of any given day will have to communicate. Some of these things will be watering logs, work lists and schedule changes. All of this information will be emailed to each employee.organisational culture is how the employees interact with each other with in an organization. An organization can be defined as anythin g that a group may partake in. Organizational culture can be how people interact with each other and their beliefs, habits, values, visions, norms and many others. Since it is very hard to match people up that have the exact same traits we will have to ensure that here at Marshalls we will have to do the best we can in the interview process to get a good mesh of people. No business can handle people bickering and armed combat every single day.In the event that a labor strike were to happen in the middle of my peak season it would very difficult to keep my plants supplies up. The first thing that I would need to do is find out what I have exactly on hand and figure out how long mu current inventory would last. After figuring out my current inventory I would then have to start shopping around for the nextbest suppliers that have similar prices and adjust my prices accordingly. I would in all probability have to bring on a couple seasonal drivers so that I could utilize several diffe rent vendors for the season and keep the orders coming.Competition in this business is already fierce and I have found a niche market. If more of the same types of businesses pop up around me. The first thing I will have to do is get a hold of my suppliers and let them know that if they want me to keep ordering than they will not supply to any of the surrounding areas. This may seem grating but they will understand since I have done business with them longer and most likely am ordering bigger quantities. After doing that I would have to scope out the competition and see if they are similarly priced to me. Slight adjustment in prices may be needed to ensure that we are the best priced place in town. This will also have to be monitored closely over time to make sure that we stay the cheapest.Laying off employees is never an easy thing to do especially when you have built a tight group like we have at Marshalls. The lingering affect can be the worst part of a large scale layoff. The m ost important thing that you have to do is ensure the people that do still work for you that their jobs are safe and they dont have to worry every day about losing their jobs. After you have reassured them of that I would then offer them the ability to have a couple extra days off when needed to cut payroll and let them know that you will be able to work around their schedules better. This may seem crazy considering you just laid employees off but its an easy way to shed parole and give a small morale booster to the current employees.Managing a small business is not an easy thing to do. Often times it can be stressful, sad, fun and overwhelming. The monetary payouts and the whimsy of success within the business can often times make the job very desirable. You will come across millions of different customers and situations over the course of your carrier, some easy and some hard but in the end all gratifying.Wilkinson, M. (2009). Small is good. Charter, 80(11), 23-25. Retrieved from Business Source Complete Database. http//www.quickmba.com/marketing/research/Intuit, Inc. (2008, June). Intuit, Inc. SWOT Analysis. 1-10. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database. http//www.inc.com/guides/201107/how-to-write-an-operational-plan-for-your-small-business.html Wooldridge, J. (2008). When outsourcing finance and business operations makes sense. Associations Now, 4(10), 16-17. Refrenceshttp//www.moneyinstructor.com/doc/cashbenefit.aspDibrell, C., Davis, P., Craig, J. (2008). Fueling innovation through information technology in SMEs. Journal of Small Business Management, 46(2), 203-218. http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJncFirhjPg

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Women in Society Essay Example for Free

Women in Society EssayThe purpose of women has changed drastically throughout history. Women were once conception to just now be able to stay at home and bleed the house and family. Women were iso upstartd in their domestic sphere however they did non stay thither. Women faced more than struggles during their battle to end their isolation from the predilection of gender graphic symbols within the workforce to the belief that women argon non liken to men and therefore do not deserve the same right(a)s as men.Before 1865 women had actionually(prenominal) few rights. Her legal standing depended upon her marital status, and once she was married everything became her husbands. She could not control or submit each property, she was not allowed to control any wages she earned, she could not transfer or sell any property, and she could not draw a lawsuit, or sign any contract. Her life rested solely in the hands of her husband. Women were expected to maintain the hom e which included cooking and cleaning. They were also expected to bear children and overhaul their days focused on those children. In 1840 something began to shift when two women, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, met and discussed having a convention to address the federal agency of women. It took eight geezerhood for them to get stomach together and hold the convention cognize as The Seneca fall Convention.The Declaration of Sen cartridge clipnts and its resolutions were presented to a group of three hundred people, including forty men. This presentd that men and women were created equal and had a right to equality in all spheres including the right to vote. All of the resolutions were eventually passed. Afterwards they had to deal with blackguard and sarcasm. For example Frederick Douglass wrote a discussion of the rights of animals would be regarded with far more com habitationncy by legion(predicate) of what are called the wise and the good of our land, than would be a discussion of the rights of woman (na, http//www.npg.si.edu/col/seneca/senfalls1.htm). This shows just how womenwere thought of back then. They were thought to be less than animals. While they faced mockery and anger over the fact that they thought they should deal rights they did give the idea of womens rights publicity and brought attention to the idea. This was the modality some(prenominal) women lived until the end of the elegant War.After the Civil War the lives of women saw a change. America was expanding, and people were pushing double-uward. Women played a very important role in the conquest of the tungsten (Bowles, 2011, The sweet South and New West (1865- 1890), para. 29). Some women moved west with their families, unless there were also many superstar women who wanted to troika their ingest lives and widowed women who had no other choice. while I suspect that some of the women traveled west for a mate, others were interested in a life built of thei r own strength, ambition and endurance. Wishart reports in the 2004 encyclopaedia of the Prairie that, under the Homestead Act, only women who were single, widowed, divorced or deserted could sign for their own land (Willoughby, C.M., present 26, 2010, Pioneer women how the west was really won, para. 11). Widowed women were forced to take over the role of their departed men.These women took on the day-to-day responsibilities of farm and ranch life and were surprisingly successful. A quote from Katie Adams, a Pioneer widow, reads, I was just like a hired man. I was right there, I even followed the plow (Peavey Smith, 1996) (Willoughby, C.M., action 26, 2010, Pioneer women how the west was really won, para. 13). In Wyoming and Colorado, between 11 and 18 percent of all homesteaders were single women or widows (Bowles, 2011, The New South and New West (1865- 1890), para. 30). There was also a need for improve women in the west in order to teach in the schools that were macrocosm created and write for the newspapers. This gave women the opportunity to bring in their own monetary contribution to the household or maintain the single life they were creating.The late nineteenth ampere-second was still very rural. In these rural communities women were still treated as if their God-given role was as wife and mother, keeper of the household, guardian of the moral purity of all who lived therein. Housework took on a scientific quality, efficiency being the watchword. Children were to be cherished and nurtured. Morality wasprotected through the promulgation of Protestant beliefs and social protest against alcohol, poverty and the decay of urban living (Hartman, D.W., n.d., Womens Roles in the Late nineteenth Century, para. 2).The late 19th century saw a huge growth in industry. This growth changed the nature of work in America. In early 19th century work was per spirted by skilled workers known as artisans, however this changed as businessmen realized that mechaniz ation increased profitability and decreased the cartel on skilled labor (Bowles, 2011, Industrial Titans and Labor Unions (1860s- 1890s), para. 16). This opened up the door for women to take these positions.The duration period of the 1890s through the 1920s is known as the Progressive Era. During this time period women took on a different role. Women were able to find jobs in retail, or as typists, clerks, and telephone operators. much women were graduating from college and handout on to become professionals in the areas of law, healthcare, journalism, and science. Recognizing the changes that were occurring in the lives of some women, the public and the press coined a phrase for these women, the New cleaning woman.The New Woman was supposedly young, college educated, active in sports, interested in pursuing a career, and flavor for a marriage based on equality (The Status of Women in the Progressive Era, 2007, National Womens floor Museum, para.3). Many women, especially mar ried, middle class women still did not work out of doors the home, but they still played a role in helping the plight of women by focusing their efforts on the reforms of the era. Women were able to reform areas such as education, sanitation, health, wages, operative conditions, social welfare, and their greatest achievement was the implementation of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote.This brings us to the Womens Suffrage Movement in which women sought the right to vote. Granted this effect had been waiver on for quite some time however after the 14th and 15th amendment gave the right to vote to not just men but black men as well women believed their time for change had come. Two groups were formed with different ideas in how to achieve this goal. The National Womens Suffrage link (NWSA) was formed by Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. This group fought for womens rights on anational government level. The American Woman Suffrage connexion (AWSA) was th e second group that formed. This group fought for rights on a state by state basis. It was not until the two groups put aside their differences and became one forming the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) in 1890 that serious surface was made. Elizabeth Stanton was the NAWSAs first president.Susan B. Anthony was the second president. While both of these women were in thrill things were handled rather diplomatically and without much in the way of militant tactics. This all changed when Alice Paul took over as the leader after Susan B. Anthony died. Paul organized many protests and marches including one that took place during Woodrow Wilsons rise as president. It was stunts like these that led many women within NAWSA to dislike her ways. She eventually left NAWSA and formed her own group, the National Womans Party (NWP). It was this new group that led a seven month picket of the white house which led to the arrest of the NWP suffragists.While they were imprisone d many of the women were placed in solitary confinement, so they went on a hunger strike in order to protest this cheating(prenominal) treatment. These women were then force fed for up to three weeks. When news of this mistreatment wrap uped the rest of America the suffrage move gained support including that of President Wilson (na., 2012). It was womens actions during serviceman War I that finally convinced the government that they were equal to men and in August of 1920 the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote was ratified. Women voted in their first election in November 1920.Women started off the 20th century in good standing. They had the right to vote finally, they were taking on more professional careers and they were becoming better educated. Women began smoking and drinking publicly, they cut their hair short and their skirts shorter. Women felt a intelligence of freedom at this pose which can be downn when we look at the womens bearing during these yea rs for instance the flapper was a popular look. This new sense of freedom would be short lived. A change was on the way. On October 24, 1929 the stock market crashed. This brought with it challenges for women that they thought they had overcome. Prosperity vanished al nigh over night, and very quickly, gender roles tightened up again. Many people blamed the crash on the loose morals of the introductory decade, and the practicecrisistoo many laborers, too few jobsseemed to dictate a return to the natural roles (Radek, K. M., 2001, para. 12).This was the inauguration of a time known as the Great Depression. Families bewildered everything during this time. There were very few jobs, so what jobs there were went to men. There was an emotional crisis, as well, especially as men had been traditionally defined by workingespecially since the industrial revolutionbut couldnt find work. In other words, without work, they couldnt see themselves as men. To this end, many areas enacted laws t o privilege men over women in regard to employment. Women were thrown out of work, and many states had laws mandating that if men were available, women couldnt legally workor if a womans husband worked, she couldnt (Radek, K. M., 2001, para. 12). Women were expected to take care of everything in the house regardless of a reduction in income.Sociologists Robert and Helen Lynd notice this trend in a employment of Muncie, Indiana, published in 1937 The men, cut adrift from their usual bend, befogged much of their sense of time and dawdled helplessly and dully about the streets while in the homes the womens piece remained freehandedly intact and the round of cooking, housecleaning, and mending became if anything more absorbing. To put it another way, no housewife lost her job in the Depression (Ware, S., nd., para. 3). While traditional gender roles seemed to take over men could not be expected to fill the role of receptionist or nurse, therefore women in these positions were able to maintain their employment although they usually took a pay cut. This lasted until America became part of World War II after the pom-pom on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.With the onset of World War II it became requirement for men and women to change their view on gender roles in the workforce. The men in the country were being mobilized to go to war, and the country needed someone to fill their positions. Who else could they turn to but the women of the country? Women took up jobs in factories manufacturing clothes and boots for soldiers they started working in munitions plants and aircraft factories, shipyards, and railways. Women were mail carriers, transit workers, and taxi drivers. They worked on farms and picked crops. Every area of the workforce became focused on the war and creating that which was needed to win the war against Hitler.Some women took a place in the military. Manywomen served as nurses for the army and the navy however for the first time women were all owed to serve. According to the National Womens accounting Museum (2007) more than 400,000 women served, 432 died, and 88 were prisoners of war. Women also served as pilots flying aircrafts from the place they were manufactured to the place where they were needed. Eighteen classes of women graduated from the Army personal line of credit Forces flight training school they called the Women Air Force process Pilots (WASPs). These were the first women military pilots in U.S. history, and the nation needed them because there was a general shortage of practised pilots for the war. In total, 25,000 women applied, 1,800 were accepted, and 1,000 completed the training (Cole, 1995) (Bowles, 2011, The World at War (1941-1945), para. 17).World War II could not last forever, and with its end men returned home expecting to have their positions back. Women who had found a purpose in working now found themselves no longer needed. They were sent back to their domestic sphere. Families moved to t he suburbs, fostered a thwart boom, and forged a happy life of family togetherness in which everyone had a specified role. Women were considered domestic caregivers, with sole function for the home and child rearing, while men brought home the bacon. Popular since the 1950s, this tenacious stereotype conjures mythic images of stopping point icons June Cleaver, Donna Reed, Harriet Nelson the quintessential white, middleclass housewives who stayed at home to rear children, clean house and bake cookies. (Meyerowitz, 1994) (Holt, J. (nd)., para. 1).America after World War II was a place of hope and new beginnings for many families in America. This was the time of the coddle boom. Women were having more babies which increased their duties in the household therefore solidifying their role as caretaker. This was also a time of great consumerism. Many things were being created with the hope that it would make the lives of women easier such as vacuum cleaners, toasters, wash machines, and then of course there was the television. This allowed manufacturers to create commercial specifically geared towards the women of the household. It seemed as if the goal of most families was to be prosperous, happy members of society, but for the women of the 1950s there was an underlying anger that stemmed from being outback(a) from jobs that made them feel accomplished and good about themselves. The culture was simplynot portraying a lifestyle women wanted indeed, studies indicate as many as 80% of post-war women felt working outside of the home would lead to a more satisfied life (Renzetti Curran, 2004) (Holt, J. (nd)., para.8). It is this animosity that sets the stage for the women of the 1960s and 1970s.The women of the 1960s and 1970s were dissatisfied with their lives and the fact that they were being relegated to the role of housewife and mother. They wanted something else, something more than what they were being given. This is the beginning of the womens liberation movement. Women watched as the civil rights movement was fought for, and gained insight into the fact that a movement could reach an entire nation. The civil rights movement breathed new life in to the women of this time. In 1966 the National shaping for Women (NOW) was created. The purpose of NOW was to bring about the true equality of women in America. According to NOWs statement of purpose (1966) a majority of the women working outside the home are in routine clerical, sales, or factory jobs, or they are household workers, cleaning women, hospital attendants which indicates that the better jobs are going to the men.The statement (1966) also shows how poor the wages are for those women that are working outside the home with the women only earning 60% of what the men earn. One of the last things that the statement (1966) brings to light is the fact that well educated women are not able to hold jobs of importance in society. Women wanted a change in politics, education, and busines s.They wanted to be treated as equals. In 1972 the equal rights amendment was passed out of congress and ratified by 28 states, but that was not enough to make it a part of the constitution. This amendment would make it illegal for any form of gender discrimination. One major accomplishment of the womens liberation movement was the ruling in roe v. Wade which ended a ban on abortion in 46 states. The strides gained during these critical years were short lived as the 1980s brought with it the idea that everything had been settled.Things essentially remained the same in the 1980s. These were quiet times for women. More women were entering professional positions in their careers and achieving better education. There were some key accomplishments during the 1980s such as the fact that the ERA expired in 1982. Sandra DayOConnor became the first woman justice of the independent Court in 1981. Sally Ride became the first woman in space in 1983. In 1984 Geraldine Ferraro was the first wom an nominated for the office of vice president. President Ronald Reagan made it known that a instructor would be selected as the first private US citizen in space.This idea was called the Teacher in seat Program and on July 19, 1985 a high school teacher named Christa McAuliffe was selected to participate in this program. Unfortunately the joyfulness of this accomplishment was short lived. On January 28, 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger took off it exploded 73 seconds into its locomote killing everyone on it. In 1986 over half of college graduates are women. For most working women during the 1980s there is the harsh realization that although they have made advancements in their respective fields their advancements can only go so far before they hit the glass ceiling. It is obvious that the 1980s had some large gains for women in society, but it also had some downfalls as well.The 1990s saw great changes for women as they versed that they could be appointed to higher roles in the government. Madeleine Albright was appointed Secretary of State, Janet Reno became the United States Attorney General, Sheila Widnall became Secretary of the Air Force, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court. Women saw a boost in their sense of self-worth as several women including Anita Hill came forward to testify about the fact that they had been sexually harassed by Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. The fact that this case was put in the public eye showed women that they did not have to put up with sexual harassment, and gave many women the courage to stand up for themselves.In 1991 the supply Ceiling Commission was created in order to ensure that women who are qualified for a job are not blocked from advancements. In 1993 emphasis is put on women in the work place as the first annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day is held. The Violence Against Women Act was established in 1994. This act made a priority out of investigating an d prosecuting violent crimes against women. In 1997 General Claudia Kennedy became the first female person three star general, and the WNBA is created. By 1999 some 60% of women work outside the home (Women of the Century, 2012). At this point it is obvious that there has been a huge shift in the wayAmericans view womens role in society.The role of women has changed drastically since 1865. There is even a drastic change in the way women are treated and viewed in just the last 50 years. The modern woman of the 21st century has moved out of the kitchen and into the workplace. Her focus has shifted from that of housekeeping and child bearing to that of education and career. In the prehistorical, college was viewed by many as a place for women to find a husband or get their Mrs. Moving past that mentality has resulted in an increasingly large number of female college graduates, all coming from a alteration of backgrounds (Sarna, M., 2004, para. 3). The education of women has gone from teaching them how to be the perfect wife and mother to giving them the opportunity to study anything they want including areas that were considered for men.Women are choosing to climb the corporate ladder rather than start a family. They are rest single longer and waiting to have kids until their careers are solid. Women of today are living a wholly different life than any of the women that have come before them. They have access to better education, careers, and are actually living longer than women in 1865. There are still people that maintain the idea that women should be barefoot and pregnant cooking for their husband, but that is not the thought of the majority. There is still progress to be made which is why the role of women is ever evolving. Women have faced many struggles, but they have been able to overcome those struggles and are no longer trapped in the domestic sphere of women in the past.ReferencesBowles, M. (2011). A history of the United States since 1865. San Die go, CA Bridgepoint Education.Diane, D. (March 11, 2011). American History of Women in the 1990s. Retrieved fromhttp//www.infobarrel.com/American_History_of_Women_in_the_1990s Evans, S. (2012). Womens Liberation Movement. 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